Their family dog is found inside a storm drainpipe, one week after going missing.

It was a problem that no owner of an animal wishes to encounter. Edgar is spoiled with a loving and well-cared-for family.

But one night, during a terrible storm, Edgar got so afraid that he managed to flee his house. His family started looking for their beloved pet after realizing he would not intentionally go away. Edgar’s family began to fear the worse as the severe twisters persisted for the entire week.

Oscar, the family’s other pet, developed severe clinical depression. He got worse when Edgar went away for seven days because he was accustomed to being with Edgar all the time. Edgar was still absent after seven days, so the family made an effort to get back to their regular lives. However, there was no indication in the household that something unexpected was going to happen.

The family’s child posted Oscar’s story on the photo-sharing website Imgur, stating that he had just taken the boy on a stroll when he heard a faint whimper.

The urgent circumstance Edgar was rescued by workers from the water drainage pipeline. It was found that he had only suffered from mild dehydration and small wounds from being immersed for such a long time after he was taken to the veterinarian.

Edgar’s family is overjoyed that their four-legged pal is back in a safe haven after facing difficulties for a week.

Edgar just wanted to eat and unwind when he got home. When he got home, his favorite snack—a peanut butter and jelly sandwich—was waiting for him! Oh, and a long nap with Oscar, his friend.

While we are happy that this tale ended happily, there have been several other instances of animals managing to flee during storms. Creating a “safe-space” for your pet to retreat to amid frightful situations, such as a significant climatic change, is advised by pet specialists. Give your dog plenty of cuddles and a comfortable place to lie down to reassure them that everything will be OK.

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