There Is No “Right” Way to Give Birth, as This Unposed Photo of a Mother Pushing During Delivery Indicates

While she loves to capture the tender moments, like when a mother sees her baby for the first time, there is also something to be said for the less glamorous parts, like when you have to push. While photographing Cheyenne Munoz, a new mom who recently welcomed her first son and rainbow baby, Kalyn captured one such moment to show that moms-to-be have options during birth. Born in Tennessee, Kalyn Noland is a birth photographer that specializes in capturing both the magical and trying moments that come with childbirth.

Kalyn posted a candid delivery photo to Instagram on February 11. Given her own experience as a parent, she felt it was important to let aspiring mothers know they have options instead of forcing them to push with their legs in stirrups.

Birth photography encompasses the tears of joy, the wonder of bringing a new life into the world, and the celebration of family. The photographers who specialize in the field use their art to tell the story of birth. Birth photography is a highly specialized field, and the decision to have the experience documented is an intensely personal one.

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers has revealed the 2017 contest winners. These images capture the challenges faced by mothers during childbirth, and you can see the range of emotions these new parents are experiencing as they experience the beginning of life.

I have Been Waiting For You I have Been Waiting For You Vanessa Mendez Birth Photography Best In Category: Birth Details, Pieces Of Me Kourtnie Scholz That First Gaze Peanuts and Parents Falling In Love AgainAnd Again KEDocumentary

Are You My Mama? Jennifer Mason Photography: Best in Delivery, With a Splash; Elizabeth Farnsworth Photography: First Place Winner; Road To Deliverance; Jaydene Freund – Cradled Creations; Bailey Nicole Photography: The First Look; Amber Denae Photography: Honorable Mentions. Surprise;KimBerly E. Photography: Honorable Mentions. BreatheBreathe Brezi Photography Honorable Mentions. Birth Of A Mother Honorable Mentions. Birth Of A Mother Cat Fancote – Capturing Birth Beautiful Transition Birth Unscripted Honorable Mentions. Gentle Caesarean Birth Honorable Mentions. Before The First Breath Honorable Mentions. Before The First Breath Birth In Focus Birth In Color Birth In Color Tree of Life Doula Photography Honorable Mentions.

The following are Honorable Mentions: 17 Years of Waiting: A Non-fertility Miracle; Honorable Mentions: Rapture; Honorable Mentions: Rapture Katie Mathis Photography; Triumph, Triumph, and Euphoria: An Infinite Moment Photography; Best in Category: Labor, Determination; Katie Mathis Photography; Baby’s First Defense; Baby’s First Defense; An Infinite Moment Photography; The World Ahead; Jessica Worland Photography

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