This man quits his job to undertake a nationwide journey, saving dogs from shelters and providing them with a fresh start in life.

Everyone cherishes a heartwarming adoption tale. Listening to a story about a neglected dog finding a caring permanent home is exactly the kind of uplifting news we need at the moment. Multiply that feel-good story by 10, and you have this man’s lifelong dream and story.

This man didn’t just adopt one or two, but 10 dogs from the animal shelter. They come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, and from the way he speaks about them, it’s clear he adores each one of them.

Lee Asher was an ordinary dog lover, much like many others in the world. His greatest passion was rescuing dogs from shelters, and he dreamed that one day he would travel the country and show his dogs what it’s like to live free from a cage or their unfortunate past lives.

“We quit our jobs, we got out of our leases, we got rid of everything. We wanted to be solely focused on this,” says Asher. He and his best friend embarked on a journey with the aim of visiting 48 states and adopting as many dogs as they could, all while promoting the message of adoption.

They weren’t always the ones adopting, but they encouraged others to do so. They would visit shelters across the US, organize campaigns, and hold events showcasing what all these dogs had to offer.

Every dog adopted at these events brought Asher as much joy as if he were the one adopting them.

Asher had always dreamed of traveling with his beloved pets, but he never thought he would actually be able to do it. “I always had a vision in my mind to show my dogs a huge adventure all around the country. I just thought it would be further down the road,” he said of his adventures.

Asher and his best friend travel in a large RV that seems to be specially outfitted for his pets. There are couches covered in dog hair and multiple dog beds scattered on the floor. On Instagram, it’s clear that each dog has a designated spot, though they tend to squabble over the front seat.

Handling ten dogs, especially when the breeds range from Chihuahua to Saint Bernard, is a lot. All the dogs have different personalities and are at different stages of life, but they generally get along well.

There are many challenges on the road, but this pack makes it work. With the support of a large Instagram following, a Patreon account to raise funds, and the generous hearts of anyone who falls in love with this story, Asher continues to improve the lives of shelter animals wherever he goes, and he has no plans to stop anytime soon.

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