When a mother dog was poisoned, she mustered all of her remaining power to lift her head and call for help to preserve her babies.

Despite being poisoned, the mother dog used her last breath to raise her head and beg to save her puppies.

“When we found Luna, my heart broke.”

The woman gave birth to six puppies, and while she was trying to find food, they poisoned her. They concealed poisoned food beneath the car where she gave birth, trapping the poor mother, who then consumed the poisoned food.

When the young boy saw that Luna was in a very dangerous situation, he called the Prishtina Dog Shelter while waiting for the old person who had left the food.As soon as they arrived, Luna, who was breathing heavily, raised her head and begged to keep her puppies alive. She received a life-saving shot from the volunteer’s veterinarian.

They took her to the Prishtina Dog Shelter so she could be reunited with her children….

Although she needed to rest and was extremely weak, she was well.The next day, Luna was at last prepared to receive her first injections, which are necessary for both her and her puppies’ health. Although a little nervous, Luna behaved well and is such a kind dog.

The veterinarian checked on Luna the following morning and found nothing was wrong; her children are still too young to be placed for adoption. When Luna saw them, she was ecstatic.

She was very amiable, proving that she was not a stray dog that had been abandoned.

…some good views instead…

Nikita and Luna, who were abandoned and saved the day before Luna, accompany her. Despite not being her biological children, Luna lets them breastfeed; is not she a fantastic mother?

After only ten days at the center, Luna and her puppies were adopted into a permanent home. Luna deserves a caring family in Los Angeles.

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