When Annie’s owner decided she no longer wanted her, she was thrown out like trash after ten years of obedient service.

You will fall in love with Annie and her intelligence for sure. Last week, while traveling to visit her grandmother, Air came upon this little soul by the side of the road and pulled over to speak with the owner.

The owner threw Annie out like trash as she truly did not want her anymore. In reality, her owner and son planned to take her into the forest and drop her off far away.

She appeared to have gone a long time without eating because she was so depressed and in poor condition.

Aura dipped her up, of course. Annie was malnourished, hairless, diseased, and suffering from mange. She is about ten years old, incredibly affectionate, and incredibly cute. Such awareness! getting better earlier.

Annie take her to the veterinarian to check if there is any kind of issue.

After a bath and skin care, she spent the entire night at the veterinarian. She got rid of all her blood tests! Barking Frenetic Canine Deliverance is currently caring for her; her recovery process will take a while.

She is presently doing fine.And she began to regain her vitality and zest for life.

Even though what happened was difficult, Annie showed bravery by trying her hardest to heal and return to a happy, loving life.

She is currently living with her brand-new owner, who really likes her and keeps her home cozy.

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