While stuck behind a fence, the homeless dog sheds tears, hoping to escape free yet longing for a kind voice to guide it.

When it comes to food, water, and shelter, stray dogs are forced to fend for themselves. This puppy becomes trapped in a fence while searching for food and a new spot to sleep.

When someone noticed her, she was dirty and tired. She almost definitely tried for hours before giving up.

She was so lethargic by the time someone discovered her and called for help. Because of her hunger, almost every bone in her body was exposed.

Villagers raced to help her and immediately called a local rescue number, but no one answered. They were on their own to help the dog.

They did not have much choice. The caring people tried hard to free her fragile body from the fence. They then took her over and covered her with an umbrella. She needed to get away from the sun and heat.

They cleaned her up more gently and kindly. She, however, refused to eat when they attempted to feed him. This was not a good sign. They hope it is because she is afraid and can yet be saved.

The dog eventually arrives at the veterinary clinic, where she is given several bags of IV fluids. Patients with anemia may also receive antibiotics and iron infusions.

Her delicate abdomen was severely wounded as a result of getting trapped in the fence. She will need time to heal, but she remains optimistic.

It is as if she is aware of her situation and how amazing people are helping her. The lovely dog sobs in relief. Everyone close to her is having a difficult time.

The heroic dog faces a long road to recovery. She will be placed in the greatest foster home after she heals.

We are so thankful that folks recognized her when they did! She would not have survived long. Scroll down to see her rescue.

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