With a touching display of motherly separation, the maternal dog chased and kissed her puppy goodbye, leaving a lasting impression.

After her puppy was adopted in central China, a distraught mother dog had to say goodbye to it.

The mixed-breed stray dog was given to students at Zhengzhou University in the province of Henan, after she gave birth to a litter of seven puppies in mid-September.

The video, which was taken on Monday, shows the distraught mother bidding her brown dog farewell with a kiss before letting it go to its new home.

The worried mother followed the female owner, who was seen hoisting the small dog into her arms and heading for her scooter.

With her head down, tail down, and ears drooping, the mother dog stopped at the owner’s scooter as though begging to see her puppy again.

The owner lowered the puppy to its mother, who bid it farewell with a kiss and a lick.

The owner was heard assuring the mother dog, “Do not worry, I will take wonderful care of your puppy.”

The mother dog then gives her devoted puppy one last look before turning her head and walking away.

The heartbreaking ending of the viral film has moved millions of people, with many remarking that it “looks like something straight out of a movie.”

“I have never witnessed such sadness!” Someone made a remark. “I am crying,” Another person asked, “Can they both be adopted together?”

Below is the most painful video:

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